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Addressing the causes and effects of climate variability and change.

That’s what we do – we get our hands dirty with data.
— Fatih Birol, Director International Energy Agency (IEA)

Clean Energy Services

Are you thinking about implementing or have just implemented an energy efficiency or renewable energy project or program and want to understand the broader costs and benefits? Blue Dot Analytics can help.

 Blue Dot Analytics has extensive experience in measuring the energy, environmental, social, and economic co-benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and programs, and can help you determine whether the project or program actually delivers on what it promises to do. By taking a more holistic approach to assessing costs and benefits, we can provide you with greater clarity around the full impacts of your project or program to better inform decision-makers within your organization along with your broader range of stakeholders.


Carbon Services

Are you looking for comprehensive GHG measurement and mitigation services? Blue Dot Analytics can help.

Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Climate Action Planning

We work with organizations and all levels of government to measure direct and indirect GHG emissions across your whole value chain, consistent with internationally recognized standards. Blue Dot Analytics also provides support for organizations reporting emissions under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER) and the CDP, and for governments in meeting their requirements under alliances such as the Under2 Coalition, C40, and the Global Covenant of Mayors. Once GHG emissions are measured, we can work with you to manage your emissions using the following approach:

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 15.32.09.png

Project-based emissions assessments

When faced with many different pathways for your project, measuring the lifecycle impacts of the project's alternative plathways can identify the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly option. Blue Dot Analytics provides holistic project-based emissions assessments, including:

  • Compliance-level GHG assessments for Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for projects under consideration
  • Comparative analyses of alternative projects to identify their relative costs, energy intensities, and GHG emission intensities

Product-based lifecycle assessments (LCA)

Measuring the lifecycle impacts of your product can identify energy and emission hotspots within your supply chain and opportunities for creating greater efficiencies and cost savings. Blue Dot Analytics will work with you and your supply chain and tailor the level of effort required to meet your LCA objectives. We combine an LCA approach consistent with internationally recognized ISO standards for LCA while leveraging existing national and internationally recognized LCA datasets to complement any data from you and your suppliers.



Do you need help with your broader data and analytical needs? Blue Dot Analytics can help.

Microsoft Excel Workshops

Blue Dot Analytics can provide your organization with training in Microsoft Excel, from beginner to more advanced training sessions, including Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). We will work with you to customize the training to your needs in terms of the level of detail and also the content of examples used in the training session to make it more applicable to your organization.



Custom Tool Development and Analyses

Blue Dot Analytics has extensive experience in quantitative modeling and developing analytical tools to help you make the most of your data. We can also provide you with a one-off analysis or a custom-built Microsoft Excel or a web-based tool, incorporating dashboards and data visualization features.